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T40 type axial flow fan is an improved design of 30K4 type (also known as 03-11 type) axial flow fan.

Due to the modification of the airfoil of the original 30K4 fan and the adoption of a new cylindrical hub structure, this fan increases the air efficiency of the fan from 67 to 84 and enhances the strength of the blade root.

T40 and BT40 axial flow fans can be used for ventilation in places with flammable and explosive gases such as factories and warehouses. They can also be installed in series at intervals in longer exhaust pipes to increase the wind pressure in the pipes. This series of products are divided into ten machine numbers according to different impeller diameters, which are arranged in sequence No. 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The blades of each machine size can be installed at five angles of 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 degrees.

This series of products all adopt the direct connection structure in which the impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft. Under the condition that the circumferential speed of the impeller does not exceed 60m/s, it is equipped with three speeds: 2900 r/min, 1450 r/min, 960 r/min. When facing the direction of the air inlet, the impeller rotates counterclockwise. Due to the difference in impeller diameter, blade installation angle, spindle speed, etc., the air volume, air pressure and power consumption are also different. The air pressure ranges from 31Pa to 473Pa, and the air volume ranges from 564m3/h to 48200m3/h. (See performance table for details)

The gas passing through the fan should be non-corrosive, non-sticky, and significant dust, and its temperature should not exceed 45.

For the gas passing through the fan, if it has a strong humidity or the temperature exceeds 45 but is lower than 120, the fan can be driven by a bearing box and belt pulley, so that the motor is placed outside of the axial flow fan's air cylinder, so that The fan is resistant to humidity and used in high temperature environments.

The fan consists of three parts: impeller, casing and air collector:

Impeller part: It is composed of blades and hub. The blades are made of aluminum alloy and are welded to the hub according to the selected installation angle.

Casing: It is composed of air duct and bracket, all made of thin steel plate and profile. The air duct is cylindrical with a gap between it and the impeller.

The inner circle of BT40 fan duct is riveted with aluminum lining for explosion-proof.

Air collector part: In order to reduce the loss of air inlet, the air collector is made of arc streamline, which is formed by stamping of thin steel plate or spinning by a spinning machine.


The parameters in this series of product tables are the performance of the fan under standard conditions. The standard conditions are: t=20, X=50% P=101325Pa ρ=1.2kg/m3 When the fan works under non-standard conditions, Its performance is converted according to the formula:

Use installation and maintenance

l. This fan can be used in a longer pipeline, and fans of the same size can be installed in series to increase the wind pressure.

2. This fan must not be hoisted and used.

3. The gas flowing through the ventilator must be clean and dry, and must not be mixed with excessive impurities and water vapor.

4. Before installation, check whether the ventilator is dropped, squeezed, compressed and damaged or deformed during packaging, loading, unloading, and transportation. If so, it must be repaired and installed before installation.

5. When installing, pay attention to check whether the connecting parts are loose or not. The gap between the impeller and the wind sleeve should be even and appropriate, and no scratches.

6. The weight of the inlet and outlet ducts should not be borne by the fan duct, and additional support should be added during installation. An air collector must be installed at the air inlet end of a ductless fan.

7. The base of the fan must be connected to the ground plane naturally. Do not knock the base, and force the connection to prevent deformation of the base. During installation, the base should be corrected, gaskets should be added, and the horizontal position should be basically maintained, and then the bolts should be tightened.

8 After the installation is complete. A trial transfer is required first, and the trial transfer is normal before it can be used officially.

9 When the fan has not been used for a long time, you must first check whether the connecting parts are firm and reliable, whether the gap between the impeller and the fan is suitable, and can be used after trial operation.

10. Always pay attention to whether the fan is in operation for abnormal noises, vibrations, smells and other abnormal phenomena, and should be checked and repaired in time.

11. After the fan is officially running, it should be regularly overhauled and refueled according to its usage.

12. The movement and maintenance of the fan shall not be carried out during operation.


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